About Our Sea Salt Soaps

It's all under control - ish. I only bought 20 bars of soap this week!

We see you bath babes wanting to soak in every scent of our soap! And we don't blame you. Made with gorgeous combinations of therapeutic essential oils, they're also fully loaded with moisturizing shea butter (handmade by these amazing women in Ghana), organic coconut oil, vitamin-rich avocado oil and of course, our miracle working Sea Salt!

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The Powerful Benefits of Sea Salt

Did you know sea salt contains nearly the same concentration of minerals and trace elements as the human body?

It's beneficial for our bodies because it contains 100%  natural ingredients that renew and rejuvenate our skin - without the chemical processing. As a result, Sea Salt creates a creamy, longer-lasting lather that works hard for you in every way:

Moisturizer – Suitable for all skin types, sea salt is a natural humectant which means it draws moisture to the skin and helps keep it there. The result? A natural glow without the grease.

Exfoliator – Sea salt gently sloughs off dead skin cells. Not only does this help promote skin rejuvenation, it also gives you a more even, smoother complexion without the red rash (if you know, you know!)

Detoxifier – Working as a natural detoxifier, the salt in our soap absorbs the toxins from your skin for an instantly more hydrated and flawless finish.

Destresser – In ancient times, warm seawater was used as a proven therapy to help your muscles relax. Today, our soothing soaps will have you feeling like a Grecian goddess from the inside out.

Acne Clearer – A natural antiseptic, sea salt helps clear pores, draw out impurities, absorb excess oil, and calm inflammation. Everything you need for clearer, brighter skin.

Health Enhancer – Known to increase circulation, calm inflammation and reduce itchy skin conditions like Eczema, our sea salt soap is here to multitask so you can live your best life.